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Domestic pest control

Domestic Pest Control Auckland

Commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control Auckland

Agricultural pest control

Pest Control Company Auckland


Pest Eradication Auckland


Exterminate Pest Quickly With the help of Pest control Auckland

Pests can be the root cause of diseases, nasty bites, skin allergies, deadly food contagion and related issues. Therefore if you are stressed about the presence of these unwanted guests in your property, help is at hand, hire world-class Pest Control Auckland for commercial and domestic pest control support.

Pests are found everywhere, from a disused shed in Otara to a newly renovated mansion on Paraetai Drive. Therefore it is important control these situation early in the piece, especially when it is about the safety of your loved ones and to protect your investment. Hire, Pest Control Company Auckland, we have the best team of pest eradication experts in Auckland, for guarantees results. With 24X7 flexible services, Pest Control Auckland offers urgent pest control NZ solution and quotes.

Allow our professionals to handle all your infestation concern.






















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Possums Control Auckland

Possums control services in Auckland

Possums can do an incredible amount of damage in a roof and can be extremely difficult to eradicate. Whenever they invade your house, they immediately get into the business of spreading diseases in humans as well as in pets. Dropping and urine soon render roof insulation redundant. Aside of this possums can introduce other pests like fleas and ticks to be your guest. At pestcontrolauckland.co.nz, we offer effective pest control services and ensure no harm is caused to pets in anyways. We provide Possum Control Auckland services related to New Zealand standard.

Mice Control Auckland

Affordable and effective Mice control services in Auckland

Pestcontrolauckland.co.nz is counted among the most experienced and reliable pest management services in Auckland. That’s why we know how to get rid of nasty pests such as mice, insects, possums and others. For this, we use a well-curated strategy and eco-friendly products so that no damage caused to your health. After, getting evidence of the presence of mice in your property, waiting for the time, is worthless, as more you wait more crucial situation will become. That’s why we offer 24-hour support for 360 days in a year. We deliver the best rodent and pest management services in the entire area, so we are worthy to hire for the Mice Control Auckland job.

Rat Control Auckland

Rat control treatment for residential and commercial properties

Do you hear noises coming from your roof?
Do you see evidence of rats on your kitchen table and hot water cylinder cupboard?

Rats are a tenacious pest, therefore it is really difficult to prevent them from taking up residence in a property. At pestcontrolauckland.co.nz, we have a special team of expert who is proficient in rat control in Auckland. We are committed to improve quality of life, therefore strive to provide effective and safe treatment for the pest control, which pose threat to the health of our customers. Experience and quality measures get rid of rats from your premises fast.

Borer Control Auckland

Effective Borer control services At Pest Control Auckland

Pestcontrolauckland.co.nz offer borer control services in commercial property and homes against all wood boring insects which commonly attack untreated timber. Whenever evidence of borer is detected, immediately call our borer specialist because infestations can be a lot bigger than they appear on casual inspection.

Our experienced professional hold certificate in pest management and have extensive knowledge of borer treatment and more importantly in wood and how best to treat it. Therefore we suggest not to leave the wood untreated as it may lead to a situation of structural failure. All pest control services offered by our edge include service warranty and certificate of completion which is valid up to 5 years. So hire our Borer Control Auckland services now…


“Milburn has done a fabulous job of getting rid of our wasp nest. He was not the first person that we called however the first chap never answered his phone – we rang twice – and never returned our calls – we left two messages. Milburn answered on the first call and came the next night. He continues to return to the property until he is sure that the pest is eradicated. he is happy to help with any other pests that you have around or questions about. We would certainly use him again. Thanks heaps Milburn —Cheers Guy & Ingrid”

“Thanks Milburn, for turning up when you said you would and tackling the job, your knowledge and approach are fantastic and your methods super effective.We have had rats for a long time and have employed 3 different companies and still faced a hefty bill for wiring damage.”—Kathy

“Milburn’s services were employed to rid the property of Magpies, within 2 weeks we had a host of other birds back on our front lawn and the Magpies were all gone.”—Gus


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Milburn D’mello

Director/Owner Operator

Ph: 0800 030 141

Email: info@pestcontrolauckland.co.nz