Possum Control in Auckland.

In the past 2 years,i have carried out Possum control operations in places like Manurewa,Mount Eden and Howick.Possums in the city are seemingly better off in the city compared to the bush.An abundance of fruit trees,and plenty of shelter by way of cosy roof cavities.Windproof lined with insulation,guaranteed safe place to raise a family,what more could a possum ask for?Well,if they came and went quietly it would all be fine.But noooooo,growling,screeching,fighting,and what can only be described as shennanigans.The evidence points to possums trying to climb upside down in the roof,leaving the roof lining in tatters.The huge amount of faeces and urine very quickly render the insulation in your roof useless.Worse still depending on where the possums choose to sleep,the urine seeps into the ceiling or down ur walls.Possums pee as soon as they wake up,we were deer stalking in the Kaimais and were in position with deer feeding towards us,a possum had woken up in a Ponga ,perched on the edge of his bed and proceeded to take a pee very narrowly missing my mates head for almost 30 seconds.that was alot of liquid for such a small animal.No laughing matter when you consider the damage being caused inside ur home.

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